Banks Again!!!!


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I get charged 1.5% [£1.50 per £100 or part thereof!] to pay in cash which is why I refuse to accept cash payments.
Cheeky fornicators! :ohmy:


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I thought it was a post-brexit (agreement) thread about Chris EUBank.
How long before one of the main banks starts a new over the counter serviced bank account for their elderly customers called YouBank... just to have a quiet laugh at the expense of their retired customers who voted for Brexit...


On line is taking over, my bank now accepts photos of cheques being deposited of upto £500 through its mobile app. Even if you go into the bank you get pointed in the direction of a cash point combi deposit machine.


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I am looking forward to the day when they also accept photos of bank notes

So am i i'll stay up all night making myself a zillionaire.


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A friend of mine was rather annoyed when he heard of a local bank closure, but I've been using postal and later online banking for nearly 40 years and couldnt see why he was bothered, apart from concern for the welfare of local staff.
As a retired person, goodness only knows why he felt it necessary to vist a bank, I'd like to have asked, but that would have been so wrong:biggrin:.


Walked into the bank the other day, there were two staff members standing there doing nothing other than asking if they could help. I said yes, your bosses could open up all the counters (where there was a queue) instead of having you stand around doing next to nothing.

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No they don’t,only the profit, our local bank branch no longer opens on Saturday mornings, only Monday to Friday after the majority are at work, they close before the same people clock off, so we had a cheque to pay in which meant a trip to Leeds, in the car, incurring a charge to park up, then when we get there a bank employee suggested he showed me how to use a machine to pay the cheque in & was surprised I refused, he couldn’t see that if this idea took off that machine would do him out of a job, that’s why I wanted to deal with a human being on the counter.
Same thing happened to me with Santander at Bury St.Edmunds. A bank employee told me that they like the tellars to be there for buisness transactions ie shops etc paying in. They even showed me how to do it as I played Mr Dumb. For the same reason I don`t like and try not to use self service in supermarkets. They wonder why people don`t use banks ?
It is a shame that we bailed out them at the time of the crash !
Much as it would please some to see the bankers get their just desserts, the reality would be different.

If a major clearing bank went skint, the big losers would be everyone who had deposits with them.

It suits all of us for confidence in the system to be maintained.

The bailouts are a huge topic on their own, but I believe the government - and therefore the taxpayer - turned a profit on most, if not all, of the shares they took in exchange for the cash.

I know praising any government is deeply unfashionable, but it seems to me the bailouts turned out pretty well, particularly given the alternative.
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