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Been sent this from a pal and asked if id post it on here......

Please can you help/advise
I have a road bike and I feel the handle bars are slightly lower than I’d like but the stem has been cut so there is no give to raising up – is there anything I can do? I’ve had a little look about and seen an adjustable riser and a stem riser, not sure what the difference is and if they are any good


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i laymans terms, the bit the bars ar bolted to can be turned upside down ,to change the angle and rasie the bars ,or there are lots of different aftermarket bits to buy that will do this
On a road bike lower is better ... my thighs occasionally bash my stomach while i'm down on the drops
attempting to be "aerodynamic".

Either my thighs are getting bigger muscles, or the one-pack is getting bigger. :hungry:
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