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Discussion in 'Sportives' started by Over The Hill, 23 Jun 2008.

  1. Just a plug for a good local event.

    A Charidee bike ride of 7, 24 and 45 miles. Circular routes from Basingstoke in Hampshire.

    I did the 45 last year. Enough people to make it an event but no big crowds. Nice rural routes around here. Last year it was almost all on nice back lanes. Hills,but they are soon done without too much trouble.

    All for local hospice. I think you can sign up on the day.


    It is well run but is a bit short on publicity for the event.
  2. Bollo

    Bollo Chaaaaaa!

    Seconded there OTH. I did the 8 mile family route with the nipper on the tandem. This route isn't that great as it only just extracts itself from Basingstoke, but the 25 and 45 mile routes are very pretty and have enough hills to keep you honest.
  3. yoyo

    yoyo Senior Member

    Unfortunately we cannot make it. The ILs will be in residence. Have a good day.