BB and Chainset replacement

Hi guys

I have a friend who has worn chainrings and a bottom bracket that needs replacing.

Currently he has a SRAM VIA Centro power spline, 48/32T chainset and a
SRAM, PG-1030, 10-SPD, 11-36T

Bottom bracket is a Truvativ 68x118 powerspline.

He said he only uses the 48t ring. He does not use the 32t. It’s a Boardman Hybrid bike.

He has a 10 mile exercise route he does on a daily basis. Nice flat tarmac cycle route.

Ideally if he could lose the 32t and go for a single that would suit him better.

If he has to stick to a double he doesn’t mind.

What are his options in replacing the chainset and bottom bracket.

From reading square taper seems to be the most reliable.

Any recommendations?

I like Skol

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I think in his position I would reassess the ratios completely.
Front would stick with a double but go to something like a 36/52 and at the back change the cassette to something like an 11-26 to give a closer set of ratios while still keeping the small chainring for when the gradients increase.


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He could go with either a square taper BB like the good old Shimano type or a more up to date one like Hollowtech which has outboard bearings and is lighter. ST will be cheaper and longer lasting.


Thanks guys.

I dont even know what to look for in regards to a square taper 36/52?

I understand it will have to be a road chainset?

I did some reading on various forums and the general consensus was its a headache putting a road chainset on a mountain bike.

I take it this is where the Hybrid bike differs as it already came with a road chainset?

I would rather stick with square taper for him.
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