BBC R4 "Running, cycling and knee health"

Just caught the tail end of an interesting look at analysis of mechanics etc. of running and cycling on the knees. Should be available shortly on iPlayer, search for 'Inside Health'.
I subscribe to that podcast <goes to check> oh, it's already on my phone!

Does running damage your knees? And is cycling any better? Runner, cyclist, GP and Inside Health regular, Dr Margaret McCartney goes to the new Motion Analysis Lab at Glasgow's Jubilee Hospital and asks orthopaedic surgeon and competitive cyclist Jason Roberts about the latest evidence. Around 30,000 people a year suffer cardiac arrest - their heart suddenly stops pumping blood around their body - and fewer than one in ten survive. Paramedics and ambulance crews will give CPR and use a defibrill

* duration: 27:38, Played: 4s

* Published: 24/7/18 21:30:00

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What was the brief conclusion?
If your knees are ok then a 'gradual' build up to running for 2.5 hours max per week shouldn't be harmful. Beyond that get on a bike. There's new research that suggests both runners and cyclist do generate new cartilage in response to the stress placed on the knees during exercise. Please note, there's a couple of 'ifs' in there. Quite a positive result really.


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Chester, Earth.
Can't believe I've just found this thread. I'm lying here laid up after yesterday's arthroscopy. Possibly as a result of starting to do some gentle running 6 months ago.
Once I'm able to, I'm sticking to my cycling, the universal panacea!
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