1. Cycleops

    Brompton stolen from health worker turns up in Indonesia.

    Disturbing story about a stolen Brompton:
  2. Joey Shabadoo

    Health & Safety gone ... just gone

    Recently, a couple of factories my company supplies took on a new Health & Safety Manager. An ex-army Sergeant Major, this guy quickly became something of a terror. He insisted that my company fit safety guards on over 300 tools despite there being no recorded accidents with thousands of these...
  3. Beebo

    It’s health and safety gone mad.

    Guess where I am. The council sucking the fun out of a rite of passage for everyone who ever visited.
  4. Ming the Merciless

    NHS Health

    Following the know your heart rate like you pin code I have done a couple of things. I have registered at my surgery for online access. I can now see my full NHS record online including any test results such as my last glucose and cholesterol tests. I have ordered blood pressure monitor for...
  5. glasgowcyclist

    BBC R4 "Running, cycling and knee health"

    Just caught the tail end of an interesting look at analysis of mechanics etc. of running and cycling on the knees. Should be available shortly on iPlayer, search for 'Inside Health'.
  6. Venod

    Health & Safety inspector required

  7. D

    Health Dilema does it mean a new bike?

    I've always struggled with my weight, don't get me wrong I'm not huge, but I am kind of a big guy. I'm 47 years old and I started cycling about 5 years ago. Started off just going to work, which is only a couple of miles but soon developed to going out for a leisure rides and then to me making...
  8. B

    Is cyclechat bad for your health?

    I know a number of us may suffer, or have suffered mental health issues. Some of the comments made from what is supposed to be a 'community' are really pretty nasty, and unnecessary. Sometimes people get very wound up, or upset. It is for this reason that I rarely dip into Cyclechat nowadays...
  9. Cycleops

    Cycling doesn’t harm male sexual health.

    A new report has revealed that cycling does not compromise male sexual health so all you guys on here can rest easy. Previous reports have suggested otherwise.
  10. gaijintendo

    Cars are bad for your health

    I swapped my working car for my brother's older junker in the summer to help him out at a difficult time, and I never really drove it. It massively missed the mark at the MOT and has sat completely unused since then, perhaps September? Either way, it has started to bloom into life: The...
  11. Heltor Chasca

    Meditation & Cycling (Mental & Physical Health Covered?)

    I was interested in a point made by Malcolm Dancy in one of his Audax books. (I forget whether it was the one on LEL or PBP) I really enjoyed these books by the by. Anyway he made reference to meditating using an app at one of his sleep stops. This got me interested in meditation as I sometimes...
  12. Milzy

    Strava and mental health

    My friend has deleted his Strava account over 20 times in the last 12 months. He opens up a fresh account and sends requests out all over again. Any head quacks know why? I believe he has a self loathe issue and will never be happy with his performance. Maybe people like that should just ride...
  13. simon the viking

    My ebook Sugar Beat is half price at moment

    EDIT: @Shaun has allowed this post as a one-off due to the discount being offered. My Best selling ebook (previously top ten paid in both cycling and health categories) is half price at just 99p at the moment (was £1.99). It chronicles my diagnosis of T2 diabetes and my fight from couch potato...
  14. grellboy

    Health benefits to society of cycling

    Whilst walking the dog and listening to the news earlier, the lib dems were talking about raising money for the nhs by increasing income tax by 1%. This got me thinking: instead of giving more money to the nhs, would we better served by making everybody ride bikes? Obviously I'm being rather...
  15. fossyant

    Health Experts - Relative with MRSA wound infection

    Anyone got experience with a relative with MRSA wound infection. My MIL had a fall way back in early August, but has had a leg wound that just hasn't healed and has now been confirmed with MRSA. She's currently in a Nursing Home awaiting return home when carers are available. The wound is...
  16. pubrunner

    Tips for Health and Well-being

    Over the course of the last three weeks, I've been taking unfiltered, organic cider vinegar and it is wonderful stuff. The benefits are many: - it will help you lose weight, you'll sleep better, you'll feel that you have more energy throughout the day, it'll cure baldness (if rubbed on the...
  17. Fab Foodie

    R4 2100hrs, link between mental health and bicycles ....

    Tonight ... so I heard being advertised earlier.
  18. Spinney

    Icons for healthy living... Good idea or not? The first lot of comments I read below the article were pretty scathing. For me, it might make me think again before stuffing my face with chocolate, esp on a day when I haven't been for a run or a bike ride. I do realise they are...
  19. Colin_P

    Any survivors on here, cardiac arrest, heart attack, cancer....

    Hello All, As per the title, are there any survivors of serious illnesses on here ? Reason being, I'm slow and don't do big distances and would love to 'follow' others of similar ability on Strava to get and provide some encouragement for each other. Me. I have suffered several Sudden...
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