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He is not the first man to be convicted of a sexual offence involving an inanimate object, however.
Karl Watkins, an electrician, was jailed for having sex with pavements in Redditch, Worcs, in 1993.
I remember that case. It's my home town ! xx( :tongue: :sad: :blush:

When questioned in court as to why,

Karl replied "I was only doing it for the crack" !!
Sex with an inanimate object? Sounds like he's been seeing one of my exes....


Seems strange to be convicted for using his bike like that?Makes you wonder what will happen if they walked in on someone using dildos and vibrators?


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It seems to me outrageous that you can get put on the sex offenders register for having sex with an inanimate object in a private place. I guess it must have hinged on the presumption that he had wanted to be found by the cleaners, but even so - a sex offender? Give me a break!
We really should withhold judgement until we can establish what kind of bike it was. If it was a Carrera for example, or an Apollo then clearly the guy is a pervert and should be strung up. On the other hand, if the object of his desire was a sweet little titanium hardtail with SRAM X.0, an SRP bolt kit and smothered in carbon his actions are entirely understandable.

Recommended reading; 'The Brompton Karma Sutra' and 'The Joy of SeXTR'.

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As others have said - he was engaged in private sexual practices using inanimate objects. Does that mean that ALL sex toys are outlawed in Scotland or just some??

It's a very sick society that seeks to blackball individuals like this - after all he wasn't getting what he needed from other people if he was resorting to that sort of behaviour, was he?

Edit - just reread your post Col saying the same thing

John Ponting

mickle said:
Is he a pedalphile?

ROFLMAO thanks for the chuckle.


Reminds me of the tale (link, anyone?) about the German bloke who was found by firemen, with a clarinet inserted several inches up his - er, posterior. Neighbours had been alerted by strange honking sounds coming from his flat. When asked to account for his predicament, he explained that he had been trying to change the reed on his instrument when it 'slipped'.

AFAIK he wasn't prosecuted for anything xx(
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