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I'm not sure I really understand the shaven legged brigade in the peleton, I'm guessing it's aerodynamics. So if I'm right, why then are there so many beards on display? Are beards exempted from the laws of aerodynamics?


I thought the shaved legs were for keeping wounds cleaner?

Beard may help save your face ..if it gets cought in the wheel


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Anybody who still thinks leg shaving has anyting to do with aerodynamics or hygiene simply hasn't understood the psychology of the pro rider. Leg shaving is the rite of passage that signifies the entry into the professional world; as Matt Seaton writes in his excellent book The Escape Artist, a cyclist with unshaved legs would be laughed out of the peloton. It's all about purity and asceticism and the look. The most likely practical reason is for massage, where long hairs tug painfully and make life hard for the masseur.


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As I get older my once thick luxuriant leg hair is stopping coming through in places, I'm beginning to wonder about shaving them just for uniformity


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We all know speed stripes make young men's1.0 Corsas incredibly fast. With that in mind why not shave speed stripes into our legs.

Not that I'm ever likely to find myself in a peloton, but if I did I wouldn't care less if a bunch of 60 kilo weaklings wanted to laugh at me. And as for facial fungus there's a saying;

"There's a name for men that don't have beards - women."


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Oh dear....can of!

Yes...what about arms???

Also out here where most 'recovery' take splace next to a pool there is the issue of the speedo look clashing with the bib short hair line...if you get my drift...or am I missing the entire point in living here...erm...that it really is all about the bike & pools are for wimps?
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