Beat the Heat


On the hottest day since records began, I am working in the office in shorts and T shirt. No wonder we lost our empire.
Saw a guy cycling ahead of me this morning wearing a hi viz waterproof jacket in the sunshine

Have any of you changed the habits of a lifetime to cope with the heat?


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I'm sat here in the nude :blush:


Nope just wait for the three days of hot weather to come to an end. Not a long wait really.


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In the police it was usually about this time of year that the heating was switched on. Typically it would get switched off some time mid December.


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I'm off work so I was going to throw the four year old on the back of the bike and head for the brook to go paddling, but it's so hot I thought that would probably kill me so we're sat indoors with some Play-Doh.

Bianchi boy

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set off on a ride with the wife this morning 40km, just come home, she has had enough, water bottle in freezer, quick cup of tea , and i`ll go and do another 60 km, Love this weather for cycling, heart rate only 94 average so far, My cycling mates call me a reptile :dance:
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