Been a while...


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Since I last posted due to being away and concentrating on work etc but over the last few weeks I have been back on my bike (old Trek road bike) Just easing myself back in and today I did 25 miles whcih I was pleased with. Knackered but pleased ^_^


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Well done, you've just done a quarter century!! :highfive:

What's cycling like round your way? I don't know if Fintry is any where near you, but I'm going up there in late September for a week, and will probably be taking the bike, but being from Norfolk I'm worried about the real hills you have up there!


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Hi there, Fintry is a little north east of me and yep there are a few hills!:ohmy: Lovely scenery though. There seems to be a good network of cycle routes through out Scotland although I have only really started doing some local ones in Ayrshire.
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