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Before and after

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by janm399, 10 Oct 2007.

  1. janm399

    janm399 Über Member

    Here are two pictures of my bikes: one right after a driver left-hooked me at 45 km/h, the second one when the cheque arrived and I got the cast off my left wrist! Commiserate and enjoy!


    -- Jan
  2. betty swollocks

    betty swollocks large member

    Is that blood on the bb shell in the second pic?
  3. janm399

    janm399 Über Member

    Yes, it is blood and there was actually quite a bit of it, but it looks much worse than it actually was. As I said, I ended up with "only" a broken wrist and a few cuts from the helmet straps. Other than that, I was remarkably OK... It all could have been a lot worse!
  4. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    Jebus - that must have been scary to say the least. How's the wrist now?
  5. janm399

    janm399 Über Member

    The wrist is OK. It looks a little odd, but that's all there is to it. The doc said I should not even be able to notice it in a few months' time. I think the driver was more shocked and scared than me; it seemed like a genuine accident so when I got the money for the old bike, I left it at that. Some friends suggested that I sue for personal injury, but I really didn't want to do that. Accidents happen and that's life.
    If the driver started to get aggressive or if I felt that there was more to it than just simply me being in the blind spot of the car, I would have sued.
  6. NickM

    NickM Über Member

    I think you should always obtain damages if significantly injured. One person's "accident" is another's driving without due care and attention, and drivers have a duty of care towards more vulnerable road users, which is why they are insured. This driver's inattention broke your wrist, for heaven's sake!
  7. janm399

    janm399 Über Member

    I don't think one should always get damages for any injury. Yes, a broken wrist is not a simple scratch, but I just don't think you can pay and expect to be paid for just about anything in life. Besides, how much is a broken wrist worth? To me, it was 5 weeks of not being able to ride bike, but I can't quite put a price on that.
    To be completely honest, I am happy that it all ended up like this. I also hope that the driver learned his lesson from the accident and that he'll pay much more attention to people on bikes in the future.
  8. NickM

    NickM Über Member

    Well, I'm not keen on US-style ambulance-following lawyers, but I know what I would have done in your situation. Still, your wrist, your call.
  9. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    I'm with NickM on that.
  10. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    If Mikey says sue then you sue.
  11. betty swollocks

    betty swollocks large member

    Well janm what a commendably mellow person you are: but I'm with the others, I'd have sued.
    Good luck and happy cycling!
  12. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    is that a condor you have there>?
  13. John Ponting

    John Ponting Über Member

    What a refreshing change to find an honest person on the forum. Yes accidents can happen even if most are a result of inattention. Janm was honest enough to suggest they may have been in a blind spot and no amount of attention will allow anybody to see in a blind spot.

    Glad it worked out Ok janm.
  14. ash68

    ash68 New Member


    Agree with your comments and would definitly sue if it had been me.I got knocked off 18 months ago,the bloke admitted liability straight away and I made a claim on his insurance.They were very fair to me, paid out for new bike,jacket,panniers and helmet.Because of this I accepted their first offer on injuries.It's not about claiming money unfairly, but getting what is rightfully yours because of someone elses mistake. But each to their own.
  15. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    I think sometimes you need to follow the system, as you were properly injured - not like the fake Neck injuries etc, but I commend your actions, good on you - the bike has been replaced.

    Hopefully you won't suffer with it -my broken hand was a hit and run that meant some time 'off the road', house insurance picked up the replacement bits, cos I rebuilt the bike - just got it priced up....

    Like the blood bit, one of my injuries was like that - got hit on the nose by a rock kicked up by a car - more like a dull thud, then blood pouring out of a 1" wound on the nose.... stuff all over the bike, me etc - HR was at probably 170 when it happened so that didn't help the effect...... stopped at a house and they called an ambulance as it was pumping out...... picked bike up next day and it was covered in the red stuff...

    Nasty accident that mate, totally smashed bike...can see why steel bikes don't always seem that damaged when you see an alloy/composite do that....