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Hi all, new to the forum so please don't be harsh...

I've decided to ditch my old mountain bike and go with a road bike, the idea being that i may actually get out on it going forward.

I don't have much of a budget and what there is varies between shops. Generally i have approx 300-350, wit an extra 120 for halfords (gift vouchers).

So, with tha in mind, i've got it down to 2 bikes, the b'twin triban 3 or the carerra virtuoso.
That's my first question - any advice? Gut feeling says that the triban 3 is similar or better in spec to the triban 3, but i prefer the white colour of the virtuoso...

Second question, frame size. Everything seems to be different across different stores. Some are inches, some cm. some say that the size is eg 52 but equivalent to 60.... I'm 6ft 2in. What's the ideal size. Whichever bike i go for it will be online as the local halfords doesn't have stock and decathlon are a bit too far away.

Any advice would be much appreciated




The main branded bikes are pretty much the same for each price band - I'd look more at the main specifics like whether you want a triple or compact. If it is hilly you might want to avoid full road doubles for now.

Bikes (with horizontal top tubes) used to be sized measuring the length of the seat tube.Obviously with sloping top tubes this is reduced - hence the "virtual" or"equivalent" tag. In practice the length of the top tube is more important for comfort so the right size will depend pretty much on your upper body/arm measurements.

At 6'2" I'd guess you want a 58 - 60 model but you could do with sitting on a couple in store and then go and buy on-line.


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Thanks, looking at the triban 3, decathlon list the sizes as eg 60/23 62. I get the 23 as the tyre size (or at least think so), but what are the 62 and 60?

Hoping that i may be able to get to decathlon in warrington tomorrow, especially if i promise a trip to ikea to the wife!

Many thanks


60 and 62 is there frame size. They don't give measurements for top tube etc.
General rule of thumb is a 5ft 8' person would go for a 54cm, 5ft 10 would choose the 57, 6 footer a 60 and so on.
How tall are you. If you do a search (my triban 3 commuter) you will see the fun and games I had choosing the correct Triban for me.
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