Beginner MTB, a few choices.


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As the title says, I'm looking to get a Mountain bike without spending a fortune (£350 is pretty much the ceiling) and have stumbled across a few bikes..

- Carerra Venegance MTB - £300 (With £20 off for ordering online) from Halfrauds (I would get them to build it for me then probably take it to an independent store too check over it)


-Marin Mandrone Trail HT mountain bike - £300 - Unwanted gift from someone on Gumtree.

What would you guys recommended for the best 'entry level' mountain bike?

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The Decathlon is good spec for the money.

Worth looking for a clearance/last year's model bike, although the better value there is higher up the price scale.

This Bianchi from Evans is a bit unusual.

The spec is also good for the money, but no better than the Decathlon.


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With that sort of budget, you may get a better bike if you buy secondhand, or as Pale Rider said, a clearance model from last years range, if you can find any left! Good luck with the search...


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Listen to everyone else and then do what @Cubist suggests.

Unless you know second hand bikes, and unless you can smell a stolen one, don't go secondhand.


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Calibre two two from GoOutdoors. . Seriously.
That does look great for the money.


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I had a Rockrider, served me well for 3000 miles, until I got knocked off it and it was damaged beyond repair.
I did find it a little twitchy for my liking on the rougher stuff (Langsett).

I like Skol

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No, but they are excellent value in terms of components, with stuff that does what it's supposed to, on a generic entry level frame. It ain't gonna win races, but neither will it be a lumpen wannabe. What Mountain Bike rate it very highly.
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