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I'm really after getting a set of zonda's. I've currently got the standard Giant TCR wheelset.

I know the zonda's are lighter and stronger but do they feel lighter? Will I actually feel the benefit? Or will it just happen over time just like losing weight off the body so it just feels 'normal'.

No idea as I've never had decent wheels before!


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They'll have a sociological benefit.


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Wheel's can actually make quite a difference to your bike :okay: I had some handbuilt wheels made last year & love them. With me being a 'larger' rider a lot of the factory wheels aren't really suitable for my weight :sad: I opted for 36 spokes, for reliability & strength, so mine are not particularly light, but suit me & my riding. Having gone back on to my old wheels for the last week or so, the difference is massive. My old wheels feel so 'soft' & flex far too much when pedaling hard, but I never really noticed that before my handbuilts ^_^


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I changed from stock wheels to zondas, the difference was pretty amazing. Transformed my ageing Secteur tbh. It handles better and feels better, and they are a lot quieter too!

Can thoroughly recommend Zondas :okay:


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How will you notice that they roll better and what do you mean by "roll better"?
They just do roll better. It's hard to quantify what that means, but it's one of those things that becomes obvious what it means when you experience it for yourself. I rode a bike the other day that had Cosmic Carbone SLE wheels fitted - not the lightest wheels around but very stiff and aero. When I went back to riding my own bike, with its hefty CXP22 rims on Felt own-brand hubs, it felt like I was riding through treacle. I used to love that bike but it's been ruined for me now... <sobs uncontrollably>

You don't have to spend over a grand to get a benefit though - even the relatively modestly priced Zondas the OP mentions will give a noticeable performance boost over the cheapo stock wheels that come with most bikes. (Also, if you are going to spend over a grand, there are better options than the Carbones.)
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Ive got some Zonda's - if nothing just to pimp my bike up abit. Not sure if they make too much of a difference from the stock wheels on my Boardman. but I bloody love them!!!


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Are you running PSL-1 wheelset? What tyres do you have? They're not bad from my experience (I have them too) and I've no doubt the Zondas are a bit better. When my Giant tyres were knackered and I replaced them with some Conti GP 4000s II , I noticed an improvement in the ride quality, much less rolling resistance. A worthwhile and cheap(er) upgrade.
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