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So i just was doing my daily check off my bike. The spokes have never gotten bent or snapped before but i just noticed one of the spokes is bent and has too much movement. The wheel is also making a slight noise sounds like somethings hitting against something. is this to do with disc brake?

Also the only thing i think that caused it is a incident that happened in town tuesday afternoon. Teenagers ended up kicking my bike wheels quite heard and with their bikes.. I've had a lot more incidents previously with delivery cyclists and teenagers. I guess this is techically criminal damage but i'm in a awkard situation with the local police (PM if you want more details) so i have no idea what to do.

Thing is i don't drive and the closest bike shop is a 20 min cycle from my area. So i don't now what do as i use my bike 6 times a week (and more weekend). Because isn't it dangerous to cycle with a bent spoke?


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Not really, unless it's catching on something.It should be a quick job to have the bent spoke replaced at your local bike shop.

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Is the bent spoke loose? Tighten it. (Spoke key needed.) The spoke is unlikely to have suffered damage which will affect its function or fatique life. Check the spoke hole in the rim is not showing any damage.
Because isn't it dangerous to cycle with a bent spoke?
Not really, provided both hub and nipple ends are secure. There are lots of others to share the strain.
Consider leaving bike somewhere less vulnerable.
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