Best 24 spoke count rim?

I have a Ritchey hub from a WCS Protocol wheelset with 24 spoke count (rear). I know that Velocity Deep V can fit that configuration but wondering if anyone knows of any other? Would really prefer a Mavic but so far as I know most are 28 +.

Any ideas folks?

Smokin Joe

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These, but I don't know if there is a UK supplier -
Monsieur Remings
Yatton UK
Thanks folks.

Smokin Joe, have tried to find a UK supplier online but to no avail but thanks for the info.

Don't know if a carbon is worth going for with the hub I have and so it's either the Velocity Deep V rim (which I think is more for a fixie???) or I'll have to think again and buy a new hub to increase my choice. What a nuisance.
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