Best Anti Ageing advice ?


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Marry someone much younger than yourself, they'll keep reminding you how old you are - then ask them to race you around the block and see who is fitter.
Have kids, they love telling you you're an old git, then ask them to race you around the block and see who is fitter.

(I'm post 50 and i'm starting to find my Sunday AM motivation levels are at an all time low)


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Keep active. Simple.

If you stop, then you're health also rapidly declines - seen in in my own family. My dad still makes sure he goes out and about for a walk to the pub every day. MIL gave up trying and hasn't bothered for a year - no chance of standing now and is stuck in bed and has to be hoisted - not much fun.


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Minimising, not giving up. A glass of beer every day is good for you as it's full of vitamins and minerals and pectin for regularity, not to mention the ideal balance of water and ethanol.

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I think it's genetic. I look about 20 years younger than I actually am, so does one of my aunts. Her younger sister who takes after her father's side of the family looks a lot older.


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Moisturise daily
Yep, and use weights in middle age. Nothing gives the illusion of youth more than a good physique. I work with a friend who did neither, we are 57, were in the same school class, but nobody believes that we are the same age.:okay:


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Five minutes headstand everyday does that for me.

Oh, and smiling helps too.

Then if you do get wrinkles, at least they're in a good place :rolleyes:

Lots of vegetables, fresh air, indoor and outdoor exercise, yoga, staying optimistic, having a laugh with my often much younger friends.

Going out dancing with my children.

And being insufferable smug about it all too.

I find the last part helps enormously. :okay:
Surround yourself with older, less fit people?

Medics sometimes express mild surprise that at the age of 63 I'm not taking any permanent medication.
I would put it the other way round. Mix with people younger and fitter. So long as you can keep up reasonably their superior fitness rubs off. Much of my "sporting" life I have mixed with everything from teenagers [ who bounce when they fall off their bikes] to those about my own age. It also gives a younger outlook on life in general.
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