"Best" bike rack out of bounds :(


A bit of a rant with no real purpose but to vent my frustration. Sorry!

My place of work employs a large number of temporary workers during the high season. Apparently these temps have been bringing their families on to site and in to the canteen at lunchtime :rolleyes: In order to prevent this they're in the process of replacing the automatic swing gate with a turnstile to improve security.

That's all fine and well but currently there is a large amount of bike parking on the non-secure side of the fence and a single bike shed on the secure side. Due to basic human nature, those with BSO's or those that care not for their trusty steed tend to dump them at the first opportunity, with only the more diligent owners making it through to the single secure shed. We have a Friday afternoon ride throughout summer which often means on a Friday morning there's a handful of very nice bikes parked neatly in this rack.

The introduction of the turnstile makes it impossible to get a bike through to this bike shed. We've been told, understandably, that cyclists are not allowed to use the other entrance that leads to the bike shed because it's the main delivery entrance and is used by lorries all day. We've also been told that they intend to move the bike shed over the weekend so it is next to the others so we won't actually lose out on space, I'm just not sure I want to leave my commuter, let alone my nice bike, in those sheds having seen the state of the majority of the bikes in there :sad: I've fired off a well worded and positive email to our site facilities and health and safety manager to see if we can come up with a solution together but I'm struggling to explain why I don't want to leave my bike with the others without sounding like a total arse :laugh:

I'm at the point now where I'm going to have to drive in with my nice bike in the boot in order to take part in tomorrow afternoons ride which seems bloody daft :laugh:


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"A large number of bikes in an unsecured area may bring/draw unwanted attention to property within the secure area".


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Why dont they just issue a directive to all personell that they are not allowed to bring their families on site. Isnt that the most sensible thing to do? It saves spending money on more infrastructure.
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