1. Jenkins

    Rear rack - £10 posted

    Picked this up cheap from Amazon a few months ago, but it's never been used due to a change of mind. It's an Avenir AMD 177 rear rack (Raleigh?) as per Amazon listing, aluminium and marked as 25kg max load. Short stays fitted, longer ones and fixing bolts included. Will post for only a tenner in...
  2. Willd

    Halfords 3 Bike Rear Mounted Bike Rack

    Basically an older version of this I can get a photo if I have any replies :smile: Collection or local delivery.
  3. Mark Grant

    Roof rack bike carriers.

    I have 2 of these Halfords roof rack / roof bar fitting bike carriers. Both have keys so you can lock the bike to the carrier and the carrier to the roof bar. Collect from TW13
  4. icowden

    Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack

    Hi all, I have a Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack which I no longer need (sold the car, got a new car with tow bar) It's one of these:- https://www.bikeparts.co.uk/products/saris-bones-3-black-cycle-carrier?currency=GBP&variant=42504148680861&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google...
  5. bikingdad90

    Pannier rack and bags

    I’m after some cheap racks and bags to fit to a utility bike. 700c rim brake. I can trade for two Btwin 700x32 wired gravel tyres x2 or pay postage. The cheaper the better as the bike is not worth much.
  6. Johnsco

    Halford’s Cycle Rack – Up to three adult cycles – Strap fitting – Max 45 kg

    My partner has asked me to sell this cycle rack for her. It has been used about three times, although only once by me. It carries up to three adult or children's cycles up to a maximum load of 45 kg. It will fit either a saloon or hatch-back vehicle - You must be sure that the rear lights are...
  7. RoubaixCube

    Complete Topeak Beam Rack setup

    only used a small hand full of times over the years to ferry bits of uniform back and forth from work and never taken out in the rain. Absolute immaculate condition. Haven't touched it for years now and its probably best passing it on to someone else who can probably get more use out of it then...
  8. Ridgeback Roller

    SOLD -Tubus Tara Lowrider rack

    For sale due to a change in plans - Tubus Tara Lowrider rack in black, never fitted. Fits most forks with lugs but if in doubt check the Tubus website. £50 posted to a UK address. ( retail is £90)
  9. F

    Weight Carrying Limit of a 1990's Rear Pannier Rack

    I'm hoping to purchase a dog carrying bicycle basket. However, I don't know the maximum carrying limit of the rear pannier rack which was attached when I purchased my Raleigh Pioneer Classic in 1991. My dog weighs 9kg, she's a wee Westie. Does anyone know the max carrying weight? Thanks
  10. IaninSheffield

    JACK The Bike Rack

    A 'universal' handlebar mounted front rack. Reaching the later stages of what appears to be a successful Kickstarter campaign. I like the look of it, the apparent robustness, the ease with which it can be shifted from bike to bike, how it can take loads of various shapes and sizes, and that it...
  11. le_al_khemista

    Topeak Babyseat Rear Rack (Non-disc) - SOLD

    Now SOLD For sale: Topeak Babyseat Rear Rack (Non-disc). In relatively good condition. Only used a handful of times for commuting in London. Signs of rust on mounting bracket arms and bolts, please see pictures on ebay link below. Material: 6061 T-6 Tubular Aluminium Max Weight Capacity: 25 kg...
  12. Landsurfer

    How do i get a rack to fit ??

    New bike, first with discs and the altered frames they have. I have number of good quality racks, there are mounting holes on the “lugs” .. but .. the frame directly above the mounting points comes out by approx 12 mm stopping the rack vertical arms from being fitted ... am i missing something ...
  13. BrumJim

    Halfords 3-bike rack for rear of car

    Bike rack for car. This is a Halfords Rear High Mount 3-Bike Bike Rack 539061, the current model still for sale at Halfords. It fixes to the rear of the car and takes three bikes. All parts, including the straps, are included. Has been used about 4 times, and bought just over a year ago...
  14. B

    wanted; Bike E underseat pannier rack

    Apologies for cross posting I am looking for a Bike E underseat rack for panniers; this is not for an electric [E] bike but for the Bike E semi recumbent made by the firm in Corvallis Oregon in the 90s. I am interested in the rack that would enable me to fit panniers to the frame under the...
  15. B

    Wanted Bike E underseat pannier rack

    I am looking for a Bike E underseat rack for panniers; this is not for an electric [E] bike but for the Bike E semi recumbent made by the firm in Corvallis Oregon in the 90s. I am interested in the rack that would enable me to fit panniers to the frame under the seat. many thanks
  16. Shack

    Bike Rack- 3 bikes (sold)

    Just swapping to a rack that will stay attached to our T4, so this is now surplus. It is a universal 3 bike rack that folds flat-ish and is secured by 6 adjustable straps. Does / should fit any number of vans and vehicles that have a flat back due to its flexible/ adjustable set up. Took it...
  17. battered

    Free - roof rack for Astra C hatch

    Genuine G M roofrack. Fits 1994 Astra, with the sliding covers in the roof. Don't know if it fits anything else. Free for collection in Pudsey, LS 28, Leeds.
  18. A

    Bike rack recommendations (I have no idea)

    I live with my wife and my two teenage sons. We all have bikes. My wife and I are the more keen cyclists but the lads come with us often enough. I am looking at getting something to fit to my wifes car so we can move the bikes elsewhere and cycle. Not sure if the lads would be keen or not but...
  19. Archie_tect

    Bike storage rack system : Bike Solutions from £59 + VAT

    Good quality storage rack system : Bike Solutions from £59 + VAT per bike. https://www.bikedocksolutions.com/economy-two-tier-bike-rack
  20. fatjel

    Rack mounts and proper mudguards on a carbon frame

    Is there a carbon frame that can accommodate full mudguards and a pannier rack ? I like my Specialized Roubaix to ride but so often take another bike if it’s raining or I have to carry anything which as I don’t drive and live in the UK is most of the time.
  21. kj92

    Bought a Brompton rear luggage rack, and cat steals an Easywheel.

    I wish it was one of my old little ones, but no... it's the new bigger easywheel that came to replace the smaller older ones. The little bastard doesn't know what a kerfuffle she's caused either. I called Brilliant Bikes to tell the tale, and to see if they can find a spare easywheel they can...
  22. T

    Thule Europwer 916 Towbar Car Bike Rack

    NOW SOLD. Carries 2 electric bikes. Locks onto towball. Bikes lock onto carrier. Tilts back to enable access to tailgate. full electrics. As new. Costs £329 new. Collect Glossop. Derbyshire. Asking £195
  23. David Collin

    Selling Hase Roller rack and bag.

    Bag is 20ltr and takes 12 kilo. Two years old but very good condition. Comes with brackets for a HASE TRIGO. Looking for about £300.
  24. Iainj837

    Front racks

    I am thinking of adding a front rack to my Dawes Galaxy It it best to have high level rack, which I assume goes above the front wheel or the low type which attaches just to the forks
  25. postman

    Halfords 3 bike ,bike rack.

    So Mr and Mrs P are going to cycle together this year.I know some lovely quiet places she can get her confidence on.So to save riding from home,a rack was bought today.Halfords own,it looks good it is really light and it fits well. Well it fits well now.We decided i could put it together this...
  26. D

    Islabike Beinn 24 rear rack

    Hi does anyone know where I could get a rear rack for a islabike Beinn 24 islabike has not got any in stock
  27. grellboy

    Bike Rack - rubber clamps not wide enough for frame?

    Bought a bike rack on ebay yesterday for the obligatory trip to Centre Parcs. Just having a look today and it seems the clamps/cradles that the top tube of the frame is supposed to sit in are not even close to being wide enough to accommodate the frames of my Caadx. They seem to be more suited...
  28. sagefly

    Rear Pannier rack for a compact frameset

    I'm looking for recommendations for a rear rack for a Giant Defy 2 2011 model. All of the racks I've looked at have issues attaching the rack to the seat stays as the brake caliper is in the way and the bracket wont attach. Can anyone recommend a solution? Many thanks
  29. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Lezyne Rack Top Bag

    The Trunk Caddy from Lezyne. Multi compartment rack top bag. Excellent quality. Easy strap fitting to rack. Great for credit card touring. Approx 8L capacity. Like new. £22.00 inc p&p. Currently for auction on eBay.
  30. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Tubus Logo Classic rear rack

    Classic heavy duty rear rack from Tubus. Few minor marks but no dings or bends. These retail for around £90.00 in the UK. Was £50 but now £45.00 inc P&P.
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