1. sagefly

    Rear Pannier rack for a compact frameset

    I'm looking for recommendations for a rear rack for a Giant Defy 2 2011 model. All of the racks I've looked at have issues attaching the rack to the seat stays as the brake caliper is in the way and the bracket wont attach. Can anyone recommend a solution? Many thanks
  2. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Lezyne Rack Top Bag

    The Trunk Caddy from Lezyne. Multi compartment rack top bag. Excellent quality. Easy strap fitting to rack. Great for credit card touring. Approx 8L capacity. Like new. £22.00 inc p&p. Currently for auction on eBay.
  3. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Tubus Logo Classic rear rack

    Classic heavy duty rear rack from Tubus. Few minor marks but no dings or bends. These retail for around £90.00 in the UK. Was £50 but now £45.00 inc P&P.
  4. Dishy

    Cycle rack

    I'm looking to buy a cycle rack for the back of my ford kuga and wondered what people reccomend? I dont want roof bars as I chance my car regularly so looking for something that can be used on more than 1 model of car. Looking to ideally carry 2 bikes
  5. K

    Topeak Rack Measurement

    Hi All, I'm looking for a quick measurement of the distance between the mounts on either of these two racks. If you could spare a few minutes to give me a quick measurement, that'd be great, thanks! https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mtb-&-700c-touring-racks/916-uni-explorer-(non-disc)...
  6. K

    Topeak rack final decision

    Topeak rack final decision Hi, Does anyone have experience with either of these two Topeak UNI racks? https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mtb-&-700c-touring-racks/834-uni-super-tourist-(disc) or https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mtb-&-700c-touring-racks/835-uni-explorer-(disc)...
  7. U

    Tips on Brompton rack use

    Can you provide any tips on efficient use of cords and hooks for securing items to a Brompton rack? On occasions you may need to carry this or that on the rack and I found that I am not that good in securing the items to the rack. Too often found that I nearly lost my stuff and I hardly ever...
  8. brookie

    SOLD Topeak rear rack and Trunk bag with raincover

    Topeak Super Tourist DX Disc rear rack £20 Topeak MTX rear Trunk bag with rain cover £20 Bought together £35 Only used for one trip so both in excellent/as new condition. Price includes postage.
  9. HumpTdumpty

    Front Rack attachment / Suspension Fork

    Considering fixing a front rack onto my carrera Crossfire 2 hybrid bike - any suggestions Re fixings as the fork (see pictures attached) as no eyelets - but does have a bolt @ the bottom ? Also mudguard eyelet space available - apologies I’m a rookie don’t know the correct “bike terms” yet. -...
  10. ozboz

    Front rack

    does any one know who sells this style of front rack ? I’ve looked around and not found one yet , would be handy of my North of England tour ‘ Edit, Found some , they appear to classed as ’ Porteur’ racks ,
  11. Kernow_T

    Roof bars (and bike rack) question

    Ok, looking for roof bars for a Citroen Nemo (yes, I know, jealousy is cruel). They need to mount directly into fixing points (not rails). Does anyone have a Nemo and recommendation for me? Finally will Berlingo bars be compatible? Cheers
  12. Chonker

    Saris Gran Fondo bike rack dimensions

    Does anybody have one of these racks that could please measure the distance apart of the four feet? I'm trying to work out if one would fit my car.
  13. Boopop

    Front rack without mount points?

    I'm not very optimistic but I thought I would ask - anyone know of a way of getting a front rack on a bike without the eyelets for it? I've got a B'twin Triban 3 which just has mounts for mudguards and that's it. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  14. Polite

    *Change of mind - not available* Tubus Evo Logo rear rack

    I am considering getting a Tubus Cosmo rear rack (it’s wider and will hopefully fit a rear trunk bag) to replace this. And hope it fits my bike. Rear light not included. Apart from being used every day for 4 years, it’s as new. Very solid. Looking for £50 plus p&p or collect from Hove.
  15. Distorted Vision

    Pannier Rack Bolts: Threadlock vs Copaslip

    The heads of the hex bolts fixing my pannier rack to the bike frame have light rust on them. They were fitted at my LBS so I've ordered some A2 black stainless steel ones. I was wondering if I should use Threadlocker or prevent them coming loose or Copaslip to prevent them seizing?
  16. Grant Fondo

    Anyone recommend good roof rack?

    Needs to accommodate 4 bikes, just started my search so any recommendations warmly recieved :smile:

    Trice Q/QNT Bags With Rack?

    Folks, what bags are you using on the sides of your Q and QNT racks please?
  18. Icemanhgv

    Luggage rack

    I have a KMX Cobra, which luggage rack will fit with a disk brake please, any pictures would be appreciated, kmx pannier holders are a bit out of my range, I just want to.put a bag on top of the rack")
  19. A

    Rack light

    Hi folks Any recommendations for a rear light/reflector combo that will attach to the pannier rack in place of the reflector (see photos)? Preferably ones that will clip on/off and have USB charging. Thanks (UK shops only) Rack reflector 1 by Adam Standen posted 9 Jan 2019 at 13:47 Rack...
  20. Distorted Vision

    Rear Facing Action Camera mounted to Pannier Rack

    I'm thinking about purchasing an action camera which I will have rear facing for safety. I'm considering this: I'm wondering if I can use the handlebar mount on my pannier rack. The diameter of the tubing looks too small for the mount but I could wrap it in electrical insulation tape...
  21. Extremedalek

    Rear Bike Rack Help

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of help/advice please. We've been gifted for Christmas a Saris Sentinel 2 rear mounted bike rack to fit onto our Focus hatchback car. All appears well, but I imagine that the number plate and lights will be obscured when the 2 bikes are loaded. I understand that we'd...
  22. NorthernSky

    Ever seen a Rack like this?

    fnar fnar :thumbsup: seen these recently and i just thought 'what a great design' well done whoever came up with this. a rack i'd be happy to rest my bike against
  23. iLB

    Wtd - Black rear rack for 700c

    Ideally looking for Tubus or other indestructible type. Thanks!
  24. cosmicbike

    What Bag For Brompton Rear Rack?

    Mrs CB continues to amaze, and seems to have taken ownership of my M3L for commuting duties. Already fitted with an S-Bag, it seems there is not quite enough space for PE kit as well, so she resorted to a rucksack this week. I figured I'd fit a rear rack, but am somewhat loathe to for out £70...
  25. uphillstruggler

    Rear rack mounted pump

    good evening all I am looking for a pump to fit my rear rack. The bike itself is a Dawes Horizon and has a rear rack fitted, probably as standard. The rack has the nipples? To fit a pump. The nipples are 335mm apart but I am having trouble finding something that will fit and was hoping the...
  26. humboldt

    Carradice saddlebag vs rack bag

    Recently carrying even my little messenger bag with the bare minimum has become extremely uncomfortable in this heat, so I was going to get a Super C pannier or two but sadly my oversized rack won't take them. I could get a pair of small Ortlieb panniers for a good price from SJS but the shiny...
  27. Vantage

    I have a big rack!

    But can it be lowered? Tortec Expedition. My plan, is to ask Pam's dad to squish the tubing up to the weld where all the tubes meet then drill another 6mm hole thereby lowering the thing by about 2 inches. Any metallurgist's here think this would cause issues? (besides warrantee issues)
  28. night cycler

    What is the correct name of the seat post clamp for rack mounting?

    As there are no mudguard mounting points on the ROSE multi-road SL2000, I will obtain one of the seat post clamps for securing the top fitting of a rack. P clips should suffice for the bottom fitting of the stays. Someone posted a link for these seat post clamps, but I cannot find it now on here.
  29. Slick

    E Bike capable tow bar bike rack.

    As per title, I was looking for a bit of advice on what works and what doesn't. I have seen one that has a ramp that would allow Mrs Slick to load it herself as it's too heavy otherwise. I would be doing most of the lifting so not too sure if that's a necessity or not. As usual any advice...
  30. T

    Anyone put a rack on their kid's bike?

    Especially interested if the bike was a 20" wheeled bike such as the Frog 52 or Isla bikes Beinn small 20" bike. What rack did you use and how well did it fit? Worth doing? We're thinking our son could carry a very light bag on it when touring. Just a few toy cars or something to keep him...
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