Bike Rack - rubber clamps not wide enough for frame?


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Bought a bike rack on ebay yesterday for the obligatory trip to Centre Parcs. Just having a look today and it seems the clamps/cradles that the top tube of the frame is supposed to sit in are not even close to being wide enough to accommodate the frames of my Caadx. They seem to be more suited to an 80s thin cylindrical type frame rather than modern tube shapes and widths, although the rack itself is virtually brand new. Am I doing it wrong, or is this a common issue? If so, what solutions are used to overcome the problem?


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Which rack? I have Thule racks for the roof and for the towbar and they open wide enough to take my wide-section MTB and road frames.


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I always use the racks where you take off the front wheel and it clamps the bike by the bottom of the forks.

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You can probably buy another set of the clamps to take the thicker frame tubes - possibly another make of rack . . . that may negate any "bargain" that you got on ebay though :sad:



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What rack?

I have the Thule Raceway 3 bike and the Saris Bones 2 & 3. These are versatile and the straps will accommodate all frames. Usually loads of these knocking around on the classifieds at sensible prices.

*If getting a second hands Saris Bones, make sure the twiddly knobs thread are not shot as people seem to undo these rather than just loosen them. When refitting, the bolt into which they knobs screw, can move and people seem to just shove it in stripping the threads.
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