Best Budget Helmet?


I'm looking for your suggestions on a helmet for both mountain biking I and road use.

Will one lid fit both applications or should I get 2?

Looking for budget suggestions please!


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It's a bit more complicated than that...
All helmets are pretty much the same. Before splashing out your hard-earned, ask yourself whether you really need one.


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Just make sure it fits your head properly and is comfortable. Try then buy

Specialized meet more exacting safety tests


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Look at the it meets low safety'll be a fake...wouldn't trust my head to it! Check it over very carefully, especially the straps

There was a thread discussing its lack of merits last week I think


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I really can't see anything wrong with it at all although the branding might be a fake though I've heard most giant comes from china. I have ordered another one that I can test by hitting with a hammer or driving over it just to see :smile: I'm sure most uk retailers probably pay little for helmets.


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The stuff Giant make in China will at least go through safety testing, those won't have done but it's your head.


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My old lid felt like it had nails on the inside. I used it for years and hated it. Then the wife got me a Giro Skyline and it's like wearing cashmere. When I opened it (Xmas pressie) she told me 'It cost nearly nothing!' I'd really recommend one, but obvs every head is a different shape. AFAIK, if it has a BS/EC shield mark it's worth wearing. It'll work for off-road and on-road - I know that cos I cycle both.
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