Best ever C4 TDF theme ...


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I agree!

The best telly tour programme theme



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I believe that Lord David Dundas was being paid so much money by Channel 4, they could no longer afford to pay him so they had to stop playing that four note tune he'd written as station ID between programmes and advert breaks. IIRC, he got something like £17 every time it was played which doesn't sound much but added up to many thousands of £s per week, EVERY week. What a sweet deal that must have been!


I really like the "outro" music choices on recent ITV4 coverage, sometimes dramatic, often whimsical.

My favourite - cos I like the tune, not cos of the athlete - was the final stage that crowned Wiggo. There was a superb montage, with "Won't get fooled again" as the music.
(I'm sure some will have some ironic hindsight on this :P )


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Wow that brings back memories, i became 14yrs old again and wearing my Cafe de Columbia jersey dreaming i could climb like Herrera.

Very much a theme of it's time, KW inspired with a touch of Joy Division thrown in, just my cup of tea:bicycle:

I like the current C4 theme tune but this one is in another league, just classic early 80's electro pop.

Off to peroxide my hair and get my leather jacket:laugh:


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Super nice intro version, the full Chrono version of TDF by KW is over 14mins, that's 2 intervals on my Turbo playlist:laugh:
Going completely off topic but I used to race a 5k on the treadmill to Tubular Bells, I think it was 25m30sec, got quick enough to include a warm down. Switched to Autobahn, which I think is 23m.


I was listening to The Cycling Podcast at lunch - they recently got permission to use this version on their Life In The Peloton series. I think Shelley is a friend of someone on the program. Google Mitch Docker (who presents it)
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