Best Front Sus Fort for sub £200


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My question is an easy one, as it says in the title. What front sus fork do y'all recommend for a max of £200.

I've been given a GT Avalanche 3.0 and the Suntour front fork is not really up to scratch even for this novice so I thought I'd upgrade it.

Bike will be used up and down hills on a variety of tracks and trails but I won't be doing any really tough technical stuff.

What does the oracle recommend?


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You're not going to get anything fancy for that money but if I had to I'd go for a pair of RockShox Tora's. RS stuff has been very reliable and good value for the past few years.


I've got this years avalanche 3 and for the riding you described I haven't had any probs with the Suntours that came with it. But check out Merlin Cycles as they've got lots of deals on good forks at the moment.


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I would go for the best 100mm travel rockshox you can get for the money, as already mentioned the Tora is pretty good, just hunt around through all of the online shops and see what is available.


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for my gf's bike I bought a pair of Coil Toras which are reduced on chainreaction just now at £130. They aren't the lightest, but notaby lighter than the suntour xcm v2 that I took off my entry level 2009 avalanche.
The Suntours are quite heavy, about 2.6 kg, and whilst I rode the bike for about a year with them, since changing (for Manitou R7) the bike is a lot more enjoyable. If you can stretch to the tora SL air I've heard only good things about it
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