Best team name in the pro peloton

I'd like to know what's been lost in translation and how it is really quite sensible in Dutch.


Like the Swedish brand Crapp, or Bums bread on the German/Dutch border. A mate of mine lived in |Spain, with a 4x4 which model name translated in Spanish to a slang term for a self abusive practice. Bit of a branding error in Japan. Anyone recall Colt Starion car (did they really mean Stallion?).
An Iranian cycling team: Pishgaman-Giant Team

Whatever next! From Kazakhstan: Vino 4ever

From the UAE. Hope the cyclists are meant to do both!
Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling

An Australian team, obviously: African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Baby Dump is best, though. :okay:
Mrs A and I are amused by the Giant Alpecin team name. We are reasonably convinced that a Giant Alpecin is a kind of large rodent. Sort of a cross between a capybara and a hare. A big lollopy thing with a stupid grin on its face. Imagine one galloping through the fields alongside the peloton.
With really silky hair.
I am puzzled by the whole idea of caffeine shampoo. Caffeine is a stimulant - right? But hair is dead. Can't see a lot of point in stimulating necrotised keratinised epidermis. Not that I have much of it to stimulate, to be honest.


Insanity Prawn Boy
I'd forgotten about Roompot Oranje Peloton - great name, but still possibly not as good as Babydump
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