best value road pedals..

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by mr Mag00, 17 May 2010.

  1. mr Mag00

    mr Mag00 rising member

    Deepest Dorset
    ...whats out there at the mo?
  2. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    I have Look Kao Classics, they cost about £50? Only second guessing at price since I didnt check price, I choose as part of free accessory deal.

    If you want any pro's and cons, all I can say is stiff to clip into even on min tension.
  3. OP
    mr Mag00

    mr Mag00 rising member

    Deepest Dorset
    ty for input
  4. redddraggon

    redddraggon Blondie

    North Wales
    I have some of those and two pairs of 5610 105 pedals. And I reckon the 105 pedals are the best.

    +s for 105
    -105 pedal bodies are metal and so better wearing
    -SPD-SL cleats seem better wearing too.
    -easier to clip in

    -s for 105
    -cleats quite pricey to replace than Keo cleats (granted SPD-SL cleats last longer)

    +s for Keo Classics
    -Very light for the money
    -Very strong engagement

    -s for Keos

    -composite body wears really quickly
    -pedals didn't seem to hang naturally so they were harder to clip in compared to 105

    Just before Xmas I decided to swap to Keos because they were lighter, and the cleats cheaper to replace, but at the beginning of April I went back to the 105s as the Keos just didn't seem as good. I've had my 105s for over 2 years and the pedals still look pretty good and the bearings are still silky smooth, whereas on the Keos the pedal body has got loads of wear on cleat/pedal interface bit.

    Saying that I did 76 miles yesterday with cheapo MTB shoes and pedals and had no issues. The biggest issue to address is to get the best fitting shoes and correct cleat adjustment, everything else is minor compared to them.
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