Best way to dry clothes

I got caught out by a very unusual early morning thunder storm @ 7:00 am. Shoes, socks, shorts, shirt soaked!
I am at work no towel, no washer and dryer, stuffing the socks and shoes with paper. Everything else is hanging indoors, hoping it will dry out by the end of the day.

What drying methods work best?
I used to dry mine behind the fan on my pc, just regularly turn the stuff !
shorts I would hang in the cloakroom, shoes I would stuff fullof news paper and place under my mates computer and turn regularly, then come 5 chuck the news paper, and quite dry.


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i use a small table fan, which goes under the table to dry clothes when this happens :smile:

shoes remain a bit went - can't help it i just wear them wet. - sort of ok..ish, as the socks would be new and dry and its a while untill the wetness gets to my feet and by that time i've ridden enough to heat up internally anyways.

also - if u can put them up on a hanger they'd dry on their own, just that i don't have a place for that.


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also - if u can put them up on a hanger they'd dry on their own, just that i don't have a place for that.
I find the grill covering the lights is good for hanging clothes hangars from (when I have the office to myself obviously). Also provides a small amount of heat to help the drying process.


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I find behind the servers in the server room works a treat! :rolleyes:
Gonna be keeping this one for later, the racks at my place pump out some heat :biggrin:


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i hand my stuff over to my 'man' and they arrive nice and dry by the end of the day...sometimes they smell nice and clean......

tongue in cheek folks!!!:thumbsup:


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have spares at work mate then you cant be bothered drying stuff around the office go dry cleaners or something

you could just wear lycra


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My top hangs from a hook behind my desk; everything else sits on raditators throughout the office.
That would be nice, i'm not allowed to leave my gear hanging in the office (which i can sympathise with) or the disabled toilets (which i can't understand as we have no disabled employees and they keep a load of outdoor furniture in there anyway) as one of my colleagues complained. It should be noted that the majority of my colleagues do not undertake ANY form of exercise.

My bib shorts sit on my PC under my desk and dry off nicely, i usually hang my t-shirt on my bike as it's covered cycle parking or on a hangar under my desk (where it can't be seen) shoes get stuffed with paper that's due for recycling and sit under my desk.


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I hang mine in the changing room. Popping in several times during the day to check that no one has put something directly next to my stuff and thus preventing it from drying.
If it's particularly bad I might use the hair dryer for a few mins.


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+1 to keeping spares at work. After a while you build up a collection at home. Just take a set of the stuff you never chose to set off in.
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