Bianchi via Nirone 7 (Xenon/Veloce 10 sp 2018) vs Scott CR1 Comp (Tiagra/105 10 sp 2013)


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I'm in a weird situation - I feel a hard to explain itch to buy a new bike replacing my Scott CR1, which serves me nice .. but I felt like it's a bit too small.
Let me explain .. The Scott CR1 size is 54, I'm 5'11'' and even though I feel fine on my bike, I always wondered if I shouldn't have had the 56. I asked a friend about that and he suggested to try a Bianchi via Nirone 7 size 57 he had around - it felt better.

Now I'm not decided .. should I buy the Bianchi and sell the Scott for a similar amount, just because it is newer - looking at the components and groupset I'm not convinced. From what I read, Xenon was discontinued but it's still available in a combination with Veloce on a Bianchi in 2018 - I'm not familiar with Campagnolo groupsets - is it comparable with the Tiagra 4600 from 2013?

Scott has the weight advantage - the entry level carbon frame is lighter - and has a mix of 105 and Tiagra which works nice.
Bianchi has the looks, it's newer (I could have a 2 years warranty on the purchase, if that counts) and I feel a bit better (more relaxed) on it. I didn't try it on longer rides .. so I can't actually say the feeling after 60km.

Any advice, please?



A better fitting bike is a better fitting bike. I'd expect the Campagnolo to be better than the Shimano, but I've not used either of those groupsets myself.
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