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Anyone have suggestions or recommendations for a set of bib tights around the £60 price range....?

Thanks. Hutch.


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Or look at Sigma sport, Evans, Wiggle, CRC etc for more expensive kit that has been's end of season time for tights. Buy in store otherwise, or at least a site with free returns or it could get costly

If looking, roubaix is the more thermal furry material which you may no longer need, although looking at your location...
I own three different sets of these, all from the budget end of things. The ones I wear most and like best are not the dearest of them. They are the ones that fit best. What I am saying is that fit is the most important thing, so no recommendations from me as you and I will not be the same shape. The whole point of bib-anything is that the shoulder to groin length is pretty-well perfect so the garment is anchored and doesn't move at all or ruckle. After that, a good pad counts for a lot. Not easy.


I have the Castelli Sorpasso for the colder months. Been wearing since October and still now. Warm when needed but never too warm and the pad is amazing.

They are pricey at £150 RRP, but they are available for £89 right now and worth every penny.


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These GBW Element bibtights are good now the weather is more mild :smile: Under £60, they have a 3/4 design as well if that you prefer a longer cut!


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I bought some DHB ones after doing quite a bit of research and reading a lot of positive comments from experienced cyclists on here.
Haven't been disappointed with mine. Excellent apparel at a very reasonable price point.
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