Bicycle basket for dog!

Auntie Helen

Ich bin Powerfrau!
In two months or so we'll be getting a puppy, a cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle cross) which ought to be fairly small (weight up to 12kg when full grown).

We have a Burley TailWagon trailer for the dog to go in, but she'll be so small I'm thinking it would be rather handy to have her in a basket on the back of my trike. Does anyone have any recommendations for dog-carrying baskets? The rack on the trike widens significantly to the back edge so ought to be a more stable platform than most racks.

I've just got back from Germany where I saw several dogs being carried on bikes and they all seemed to love it!


NE Hertfordshire
Don't have any personal recommendations but Basil do animal carriers - there are UK stockists of Basil panniers, so if you find one of those, they may be able to get you any of the animal ones if needed.

Still trying to imagine how my cat my take to travelling to the vet that way (badly, I suspect!)
Auntie Helen

Auntie Helen

Ich bin Powerfrau!
We bought the TailWagon for our Weimaraner but she's too old to go in it (which we half expected - we use it for shopping). The trick with the new dog is to put it in the basket from the beginning so it's used to it.

I've bid for something on ebay which should do the trick; the basil stuff looked good but the prices were a bit steep in places.

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Yes my big Sister, to my considerable surprise (because she usually drives everywhere) recently found an old abandoned Apollo MTB and had it done up.

She then bought a kid's trailer for it off of Ebay and takes Cindy, our small 3 legged Staffie around in it.

One just has to wonder how long it'll last, but she does genuinely seem to be using it all, so long may it continue!

Now, just to encourage the rest of the family to do the same ....

John the Monkey

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Maizie said:
Still trying to imagine how my cat my take to travelling to the vet that way (badly, I suspect!)
Jack, the host of the Bike Show took his cat to the vet on his Moulton, as I recall. He mentioned it to Dr. Moulton during an interview.
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