Bifocal cycling glasses?


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Varifocals do.
maybe look at Optilabs, if bifocal sports glasses exist, they probably sell them (indeed they do), eg this style
or insert models
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Very old school here. I only need glasses for reading, and outdoors on the bike that usually means maps when/if I'm away from my normal roads.
I have something like these .....

Keep them on a thin string round my neck and get them out when needed. Generation Z think they are weird, in reality it is that generation that is odd. Who cares if they are not fashionable? They work.
Brilliant. Make sure your frame height is narrow so you can read a book and watch telly while lying down only with your eyes moving and not your head.

Dont pick this as the height is too high

Pick the narrow height to reduce head movement.


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Hydrotacs are brilliant if you just need readers. They stick very securely and you can swap between lenses/glasses. 👍
Been using this type of stick-on bifocal for ~10 years. Excellent. Allows reading of maps, gps, etc. via ordinary cycling glasses.
My day-to-day glasses are now varifocal, but I hate them for cycling, though I believe others find them fine.

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One or two online firms will produce cycling specs to prescription. I got bifocals made with a very shallow reading section (so that I don't see it when looking ahead on the road) from specs4less. Depending on the style they will produce integral lenses or inserts.


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I have found that the stick-on ones can sometimes be a problem to get to stick, but worth persevering. My usual cycling glasses have had the lenses firmly stuck for many years.


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For those of us who have decent long vision but need help reading... THESE are good. I bought a pair a few weeks ago when having problems focussing on my GPS.
I second that, Colin. Boots opticians quoted me £350 when I enquired about bifocal cycling glasses. I ditched the idea fast. Then came across the BBB ones for about the same as you paid and they do exactly what I wanted them to do. The magnifying panels are discreet and unobtrusive but allow me to read maps when I want to. It did take me a few rides to get used to looking down to see what gear I was in on the cassette and whether my rear tyre looked a bit flat. It can be difficult not looking through the magnifying part. You soon get used to it though. Very good value for the money.
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