Big blokes and base layers that fit


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I am a big bloke & stuggle to find stuff that fits. But the DHB base layer from wiggle in an xxl size does fit and actually has long enough arms...and costs £19.99. I just thought I'd post that in case others might benefit.
Good to know, why is cycling stuff two sizes smaller than it should be??

Also Helly Hanson base layers v small, but Berghaus fine.

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I dunno whether it's ok to refer people to other fora, but Another Cycling Forum has a useful thread on size variations in cycling clothing - they might appreciate your posting this there BTFB. Not a bad resource for anyone else wondering what a particular brand's sizing is like.


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..sorry...yes I have the £9.99 version ..that is what I meant. I payed £19.99 for the base layer and a spec mini wedge saddle bag..or rather i didnt pay anything 'cos wiggle paid it all for me and then sent me a bag of sweets as well.
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