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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by old donald, 24 Apr 2010.

  1. old donald

    old donald New Member

    If you elect to fly - do you use a bike bag and then fold the bag up and carry it with you on your tour ?

    If such a thing exists - will house a 26 inch wheel touring bike with mudguards and racks (accepting that you take off pedals, wheels and adjust the handle bars) - can someone recommend one ?

  2. Budget option (also makes a good groundsheet protector or survival bag) :

    More expensive, but still reasonable, and pack down small, Ground Effect Body Bag or Tardis :
  3. andym

    andym Über Member

    I've got the Ground Effect Tardis - I either send it on to the hotel at my final destination or I send it 'poste restante' to a post office en route. Definitely recommended, great value for money.
  4. OP
    old donald

    old donald New Member

    Yes saw the one from Ground effects - just needed some feedback before I order one from NZ.

    AndyM - I take it you have not problem getting the bike in minus wheels ?? Or do you take the racks off as well?
  5. andym

    andym Über Member

    It depends a bit on the bike and the rack - I have a fairly long (mountain) bike so I need to take the rack off, with other bikes/racks you might not need to.

    If you do get a Ground Effect bag my top tip would be read the instructions - handily printed on the outer bag.
  6. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    here are my notes from an earlier posting....

    There is a strong argument to not provide too much wrapping as that fools the handlers into thinking it can be tossed hither and thither. Same applies for using a clear vs an opaque bag - if they can see it is a bike, all the better

    To pack it I use the bag - have just binned one after about 5 uses. They weigh 550g and will fit in a pannier or on the rack. I take tons of cables ties (I fix pedals to rack etc,)

    For the rear mech, I unscrew it (leave all cables on) and cable tie it to the frame to prevent the hanger being bent. It has never needed readjusting. When you put it back on, start to screw it in, then twist it backwards, as their is a little tab to hold it in the right position.To tape up the bag I use heavy duty clear tape from B&Q - has a checkered pattern, and tears easily, does not unstick in use, but can be peeled off afterwards.

    I always take a printout of the airline rules in case they quibble, and a printout from the site where I bought my bag proving that it is a bike bag, not just any old bag. For all Ryanair's faults I have never had a problem with them or Easyjet. Do book and pay in advance though, and get there as early as possible to check in. It is also possible that at some airports the bike will need to be taken out of the bag to go through their machine (smaller airports). Also, even if the airline says tyres can be left inflated I have never had an airport worker accept that, so just deflate them.

    Finally, LATEX GLOVES - take tons for the fiddly reassembly bits - makes a huge difference

    Happy cycling
  7. Anthony

    Anthony New Member


    Good advice. I follow the exact same theory myself. I buy the ctc clear bag from wiggle (basically the same one as Jay has mentioned).

    I haven't bothered unscrewing the rear mech before though, but I have never had a single stratch or problem when transporting it. In addition I tape 'fragile' tape (bought form ebay) around the bag (it adds to the 'please be careful with this' mentality).
  8. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    The removal of the mech is to avoid the hanger bending. Aluminium hangers are not capable of being bent back without breaking. Easy to remove the mech and provides peace of mind
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