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Deal. Kent.
I'm toying with the idea of building a bike and I have two ways in mind..
1/ Buy a frame that you can fit disc brake too and starting from scratch.
For.. learning how to build a bike in the first place, and the pleasure of doing it..
Against.. Finding the right frame at a cheap enough price? ( some frames are more than a whole bike)

2/.. Buying lets say a Specialized Diverge at £750 which has a good frame, strip it all away and fit with upgrades, it wont be any cheaper than spending £1500 on the Diverge but I would learn lots of stuff going it, of course I could get some bits second hand to lower the cost a little bit?
In the end I would have a great dirt bike.

Whats the best way do you think.


buy a frame and build your own from scratch - thats what i'm doing with my new Ti build
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