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Smokin Joe

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The new Planet X Pro Carbon was finally completed today with the addition of the bar tape -

PX 001.JPG

105 shifters, rear mech, chainset and front caliper. Tiagra front mech, Tectro back brake, DT Swiss/Ultegra front wheel, Alex rim on the back with cheapo Shimano hub. Pro Race 4 rubber.

I'm well pleased, it's much lighter than the Veranti frame I bought on the quick when I returned to cycling (Thinking I'd be content with it :blush:) and rides beautifully.

Next up, some decent wheels.
Smokin Joe

Smokin Joe

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Better pic here -

PX 002 (1).JPG


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Very nice! I do like that colour too!


Took my Planet X Pro Carbon out for it's first ride of the year today. I'd almost forgotten how good a ride it was after spending the last several months on my heavy aluminium winter bike. Hope you get lots of pleasure out of riding it :okay:.

P.s. I can't say I'm a great fan of that colour though xx(
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