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Hi All,

Quick question…I’m looking at bike computers. I’m currently using Garmin Edge 530 but it’s been a headache: freezing mid ride, gps not directing, HRM freezing. Generally not doing what it says on the tin. Any suggestions or thoughts on Wahoo or Hammerhead? Thanks much.

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There are basically 2 camps on here wahoo and Garmin . I'm firmly in the wahoo one love my bolt .

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Wahoo, no hesitation. Just ordered a Roam to replace the Elemnt that my wife has been using since 2017. The Elemnt battery has started to fail and she is concerned that it doesn't last for 10hr+ rides.
If unlikely case that you have any issues, the support from Wahoo is good. Even though the Elemnt was well out of warranty, they gave a goodwill discount on the Roam


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Wahoo for me. I ditched a Garmin 810 after two years of misery, freezing etc. My Wahoo hasn't skipped a beat in three years.

When I felt the battery wasn't lasting as long as hoped for Wahoo replaced the unit immediately.
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Only had what I currently have - Element Roam. Only annoying this is when I do a route and have waypoints but decide to go a different way it continues to try to get me back to them - no option to turn that off. Creating through komoot is easy and if i needed another would get another Wahoo


There is a new Elemnt Bolt out which has the redirectional routing, which the old one did not have. Have the old one and it will pick up a route okay at any point along it if not started immediately, or if route following has been stopped. Presume the same could be due be done with the new model / Roam if you did not want the redirectional alerts.
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I had the same issues with my Garmin 530 so I swopped to Elemnt Bolt , it was very good but the screen was too small for me so I got another Garmin 530 as I found the screen better , why go back? Price, I couldn’t afford the roam , this 530 has been fine so far unlike the other one but is in my mind will it happen again , Karoo Hammerhead looks impressive especially with the updates to it, Wahoo so easy to use though.This will be my last Garmin should it play up but it’s lasting fine without issues as of yet. 😬


Garmin camp here. Had an 820 which I found was wonderful and reduced the number of times I got incredibly lost (still manage it somehow). That seemed to reach the end of its natural life after a few years with freezes - found this fair enough as it had definitely done its due! Replaced with a 530 and again have had no issues with that. Perhaps try the factory reset as others have suggested. There do seem to be plenty of people that have issues with garmins though!


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Got the Garmin 520. Happy with that.
Once made the mistake of setting the backlight permanently on............... drained the battery quick sticks. :shy:
Apart from that it's been faultless in giving the info I need whilst out on a ride. It also syncs with my Garmin Connect app on my phone almost immediately after saving the ride. Gets a :okay: from me.
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