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I think I'm decided on getting a proper bike fit as I often get a bit of back, neck and shoulder pain when out for more than 6-8 miles...however, they don't come too cheap so I'll need to save a little first.

In the meantime, does anyone have a good resource so I can at least follow some basic guidelines as to how it should be set up? At the moment I've literally guessed.

Also, anyone know of a good reliable place to get a fit done? I'm based in Whitstable, Kent...I've had a look around and places seem to be roughly the same price but all offerring slightly different processes.



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For a road bike.
In order:
Saddle height - heel on pedal with leg fully extended will give you approx correct knee bend when ball of foot on pedal. Make sure saddle is dead level, and you are not rocking your hips to reach pedal with your heel.
Saddle fore & aft - KOPS, whatever it's faults it's a good starting point. Using a plumbline or spirit level put a bit of tape on the top tube vertically above the pedal spindle (with the pedal fully forward). Adjust saddle so your knees comes up to that mark when the pedals are at 3 and 9 o'clock.
Handlebar height, whatever feels comfortable. Start with bars level with saddle and work downwards, moving spacers or flipping the stem.
Handlebar reach - Ride on the hoods, look down at handlebars, front wheel hub should be exactly behind handlebars. Change stem length accordingly... but note a "flipped-up" stem is effectively shorter than one which is "flipped down".

That's your starting position. Any adjustments away from that, no more than 1/8" (3 mm) at a time.


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...I often get a bit of back, neck and shoulder pain when out for more than 6-8 miles...
I got this too. Are you riding with your arms locked out? Try to relax your elbows and shoulders. You might feel it a little more in your triceps taking the weight now instead of your locked out elbows. Given a bit of time triceps will adjust, but locked out elbows will never become comfy.
Mike Jongbloet

Mike Jongbloet

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Hmm I'm not sure, I don't really think about it when riding just do whats natural. Next time I'm out I'll see how my arms sit and adjust as you say. I went out for 30miles today and back and neck ache whilst on the bike, as soon as I stop I'm fine.
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