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hey folks,

i was recently fitted for my new bike and have taken it out for a spin, its a van nicholas Yukon (racer), only thing if found is that to hold the hoods while i ride my arms are locked almost completly straight, it feels a bit of a stretch to reach and its more comfy when i hold the bars about 2 cm back from the hoods so that my arms are bent a little, ive not been fit for a bike before and was wondering if this was right or if my stem might be a little long or if im just not used to the ride position?

when i stand up to ride it the hood feel like there in a good place, its just when im sat.

many thanks

Most fits tend IMO to pick out the most efficient position for speed, not necessarily the most optimum position for comfort.


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Remember that when you ride you will change hand position around the bars, might jusy be worth trying for a while. Presuming your seat poition is fine, it's normally the stem length that would be altered, but you may just get the position you want by rotating the bars upwards slightly.


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Hmmm. That doesn't sound quite right. The Yukon's an Audax bike - designed to be comfortable but still fast over long distances. Mine certainly fits the description, and my arms are bent whilst on the hoods.

Assuming the frame isn't too large for you, the stem may be too long. The first thing I'd do is get a shorter one: if you feel more comfortable holding the bars 2 cm short of the hoods, try a stem that's 2 cm shorter than your current one.


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A quick rule of thumb for checking whether your stem is the right length is to see if your front hub is obscured by your handlebars when riding. If it is then the stem is about the right length. If your hub is behind the bars your stem might be too long, if it's in front then the stem might be too short. HTH.


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Nearly right; they say that you should be able to see the front hub behind the bars when up on the flats, not at all when on the hoods and in front of the bars when down on the drops.

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