Bike help!!!

Carl brookfield

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Hello, i'm new here here!

I'm after some advice on my first bike I am going to throw a little bit of money at.

What are all you opinions on the following bikes.

These are the bikes i found and seem to get reasonable reviews. Does anyone have any advice on any of these or others in the similar price range. Mainly be for rides out and hopefully a few sportives come next year.

Thanks in advance.



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i not goin give advice on the bikes but 1 thing i see said regularly on here is get the one that fits u and feels right, 2 bikes may be similar spec but 1 will feel maybe a bit more comfitable and if your putting in the miles always better. or mayb im wrong and you get the bike that looks the nicest???:thumbsup:


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I could only advise on what suits me [and as I prefere older touring bikes that wont help you] but I would say get yourself round to some bike shops, big and small, and get some test rides.
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