Bike insurance


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Were is the price shown?
Whoops sorry, saw it second time of looking :whistle:


It's a bit more complicated than that...
If you, your spouse/partner or any of your children has an accident on any bike where that accident is someone else's fault, we will pay in full to repair the bike if it is damaged.
My emphasis. If your accident is someone else's fault and they're insured (and most people on the roads are) they've got to pay you anyway. You may need legal advice to help get your money, but you can get no-win no-fee legal expenses insurance for that if you've got a reasonable case.

This is before-the-event legal expenses insurance. You may already have it, or be able to buy it cheaply, as an addon to your household insurance.

Here's the relevant bit from the terms and conditions:
In the event of a cycling accident within the UK that is not your fault (or the fault of your spouse/partner or any of your children up to the age of 21, depending on which member of your immediate family has been involved in the accident) where there is an identifiable third party, your cycle will be repaired by whichever of our Trusted Repairers is closest to where you live and we shall pay for these repairs upon admission of liability by the third party.
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