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The first bike is my summer commute bike bought through our bike 2 work scheme, the second picture is the reason I've only ridden it once in 8 months. The last one is my favourite bike, its lovely to ride, very responsive, fast, light and just great for a day out.
Both are Ridleys, one day I'll get something different but I need to ride these for a while otherwise my partner will hit me with something heavy if I turn up with another new bike !:rolleyes:
Must find a picture of my winter bike...............


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hmm torn cartlidge ?? nice bikes BTW

just realised thats a flash bike for commuting :rolleyes:


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Interestingly they didn't find a tear (which I was annoyed about) but did find some bone growth under the tendons which was cleared out (I have a DVD of it :rolleyes:), I've also had severe tendonitis which would not go away but has after the surgeryxx(

I think I agree with you :biggrin: it is far too good for commuting !
My winter bike has just had a new gearset put on it (50/34) and the frame was replaced last christmas, blimey, its pretty much new !
I think it'll do for winter and summer especially as I ride through some "lovely" areas of Leeds on my commute :rolleyes:

Must take a picture of it.........its just a cheap aluminium frame and carbon forks but its a good solid ride
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