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Just beginning to get myself kitted out with the accessories i need and having had my new bike a few months i really should get it cleaned up. Having read my Haynes manual its clear there are plenty of lubes and oils out there, but i was hoping for some recommendations on what i needed as a basic starting point please.


yea, i am interesting in this too as mine got covered in mud and crap last weekend.


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Left field suggestion:

Prop the bike up, give it a good hosing with cold water. Use a rag on the really snotty bits. Then take it for a ride round the block. When it's dry, put a bit of light oil on the chain. No boutique stuff, 3 in one or similar is fine.

Repeat until dead, or bike wears out. Hopefully the latter will ahppen first but don't put a lot on it.:thumbsup:


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Pro-Link Chain Lube is my favorite. Get it with the Luber Pen - so you can put one drop on each chain link - and you can use it to put lube in your cables too.


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Lubing cables is a very good idea. I prefer to use grease. Normal Lithium grease (eg Castrol LM) is great and you can get a big tub of the stuff from a car shop for less than the cost of a little tube of boutique grease with added snake oil at the bike shop.
Finish line lubes tend to be well regarded. I use the green stuff (cross country) on the utility bike and had no problems other than like all heavy wet lubes it attracts dirt. My own preference is for their pro road (gold top) and mates use the Dry stuff (red top) and say its good too.
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