Bike purchase quandary..


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Right, with around £1000 to spend I'm looking to get myself a new steed.

Looking at ribble bikes I seem to be able to get some decent spec'd bikes on the 'build your own bike' stuff, however I want to get a general consensus - is it worth spending more on the frame and settling for a slightly lower spec (mainly wheels) or get a lower spec (non carbon) frame and upgrade the wheels to something better? Regardless of each I'll be going for a 105 groupset... Just wondering where people would put their money?

As a note, I am also open to suggestions for other brands - it just seems like you get a lot for your money at Ribble and they have great reviews (and look pretty tidy too!).

Any advice is appreciated - thanks!


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I'd put my money in the hub. A grand will almost buy a new Rohloff ;)

Sorry, I'll get my trenchcoat...


I'd always opt for best possible frame I could afford - kit to go on it can be changed/upgraded - once you have the frame that's it. Personally I wouldn't touch the Ribble - they are cheap for a reason. Better to stick with big brand. Then again I wouldn't buy a bike online


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If you're happy to buy online I would look at Canyon as well, they get some good reviews (from others, no experience myself) and I think look pretty smart.


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If you're a big or powerful chap I'd stay away from Ribbles alloy frames. I can make them flex by the simple expedient of stamping hard on a pedal.

I don't see what all the fuss is with these companies that sit mid way between the big names and the genuine custom frame builders. 'Being a bit different' is to my mind well down the list when compared to 'riding most awesomely'.


At £1k, the likes of Giant and Specialized give you a good balance between frame and kit. I have a 2014 Defy 1 and it's a great bike. It's not exotic like some of the bikes out there, but you can't have style and substance at £1k. Thats where the trade off is. For me, the Giant Defy 0 is 2015's best buy at this price range.


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If happy to buy online, looked at reduced 2014 models from Paul's cycles, wiggle, ash cycles, leisure lakes etc

Dolan have a very good rep if you prefer to select a frame and spec the rest

Or you could go to some local dealers, have some test rides and support their businesses (you can even negotiate a little on price)


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I had a Ribble which was my first "proper" road bike and I was really impressed with it.
After it was stolen I got a Giant @ £400 more expensive and similar spec e.g. 105s. The difference is responsive.
My understanding is that the frame is most important as that is what transfers your effort/energy into speed/performance. others have said......go for a better frame-you will not regret it.


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This subject raises the awkwardest question, compromise on some spec, then have to spend more later to upgrade...which to me seems a waste.
Wheels are probably the biggest compromise after the frame. Personally if I went for budget wheels, I'd go for R500s or 501s..I know them, have them on my commuter bike, done thousands of miles on them with no trouble.
I also have a Ribble New Sportive Racing / Veloce, carbon wing bars, carbon seatpost, and although the Superleggera saddle takes some getting used to, it, never had problems with their service or the product, it came exactly as promised, when it was promised.
It came with Rodi Airline wheels which came straight off so i could fit my Fulcrums. The Rodis were supremely smooth, that really surprised me for budget wheels and actually look quite nice although heavy (so are the 500s mind) but I dont know how reliable the Rodis are.
Again, personally, if I went for budget wheels, id try to get good tyres first time round, their cheap options will almost certainly not be a patch on good tyres.
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