Bike reservations and tickets on trains

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Maybe I'm mentioning something that people already know, but this could have caused serious issues for me, last weekend, on LNER Aberdeen to Peterborough.

I booked a ticket, on the phone via thetrainline, and made a bike reservation at the same time.
The chap did all the details, and gave me a reference number.
I then received an email telling me the details on the mail were all I needed, plus the bank card, to retrieve my tickets from the machine at the station.


Fortunately, I kept the piece of paper I'd written the verbal reference on, as a couple of cyclists on the ferry I'd been chatting with said that I needed both numbers. The email one, just for me, and the verbal one for my bike!!
If I hadn't had the conversation with these folk, I'd likely have had a problem. ie, no ticket to produce for the bike reservation, that would mean possibly no journey home as on LNER I was told a bike space must be reserved.
I put both reference numbers, and got both lots of tickets, no thanks to the ticketing system, but many thanks to my fellow tourers.


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It looks like the online system still can't cope with bike reservations v well.

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It looks like the online system still can't cope with bike reservations v well.

Its a joke this still the case. I complained to Virgin trains about 5 years ago about the fact you couldn't book bike reservations online, and they sent me £50 to acknowledge my legitimate complaint, and agreed it needed addressing by them. And low and behold they did absolutely nothing. And now beardy Branson has lost his franchise its clearly not something that's ever going to be done, by them at least.
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