Bike seat fitting advice


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Hello :smile: after recently going clipless I have noticed I get a pain in the front of my knee after about 10 miles I have read that this means my seat is to low. I looked on the Internet to see how much it was to have it professionally fit and found a place in Worsley that does it and they want £60 this is a lot of money for me as I'm only an apprentice is it worth doing ? Or should I just try and do it myself?


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If this only happened following changing to clipless pedals, then the clues suggest that maybe your cleat's are not positioned optimally. Have a search for guides on how to position your cleats. It may take some trial and error.


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Are your feet clipped to the pedals in their natural posture or are the cleats forcing them into a straight ahead position?

Sit on a table with your legs dangling and note the angle between your feet. They should be roughly the same on the bike.
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