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After advice on here regarding worn chainrigs I booked my Boardman in two weeks in advance and pre-ordered the rings - a 50 outer and 36 inner making sure they understood I waned the 36 NOT a 34 which is useless to me in the Suffolk flatlands.

As already mentioned on the "your ride today" thread it was only after they took the bike to the workshop that I found out that the rings were not in stock and they hadn't bothered to tell me. The rings were finally in stock at the end of last week so I dropped the bike off yesterday and went in today to collect it. The invoice was duly produced and the first listed item was a 34 tooth inner ring fitted, again without checking that it was O.K. with me, as the 36 was still out of stock :banghead:

I had to insist that they put the old 36 back on while I waited and have given them a third chance to get it right by making sure they pre-ordered a 38 tooth ring while I was there as no 36's could be found.


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Why would you need to leave the 50 tooth in the suffolk flatlands?


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First of all, fitting chainrings is a simple job you could do yourself, second, most LBSs are totally useless, and third, I'd be amazed if you've worn out both chainrings - have you done 20,000+ miles?

And last, go for a 39T inner ring if it's flat!


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shame about service level , but would like to point out not all lbs are rubbish , mine have always been fair and provide a good level of service


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I too have had the odd bad experience with my LBS. However, on balance, the shop has been worth its weight in gold with endless advice and assistance over the years.

We all make mistakes now and again and should be judged 'in the round'.


My 3 LBS's are really good.
Years of knowledge and experience.Friendly and interested in what they do.Could not ask for more really
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