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phillip scott

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I have currently moved into a new property which has a wooden bike storage shed. My bikes are currently D locked to each other and I'm in the process of cementing a bolt in the floor, however I've just noticed metal Asguard bike storage sheds on line, has anyone got experience with these? and would they recommend these, or any other.Thanks


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Asgard are utterly fab, highly recommended. You will need a good flat base though. I strongly recommend paying the additional £125 to have it properly installed by the guys who deliver. Faultless

I can't see how anyone could get into one without serious equipment. My bikes ate chained together in there but not entirely sure it is necessary, just I'd spent £80 on a monster chain before it was installed

I got the 4 bike 29er version, have 3 x 54cm roadbikes and a flat bar hybrid in there, all cosy and there'd be room for some stuff too if needed. £600 all in with padlocks
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