Bike teardown day !


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With selling the house, moving into an apartment and business going crazy this time of year let's add a new paint job for the Zipp2001. I had reached out to my bike painter to get my bike in and he said 8 to 10 weeks. Well that's alright early next year works for me. Then several days later he calls and says he can fit me in before years end. So it's one last visit to the now empty bike cave to teardown the old TT bike the day before our final move. Almost all my bikes are at work and the tools are all packed up at work also. So I'll have to have the painter remove the crank.
The Zipp2001 single speed will be picked up by my youngest son when he comes up to help with the final move. I'm sure he'll have as much fun on her as I have over all these years.

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