Bike trailer

Pat "5mph"

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I've got similar, mine is marketed as a dog trailer.
The thing to watch out is the hatch that attaches to the rear wheel.
I can only use my trailer with the ancient bike that has V brakes, as the fitting the trailer came with does not fit my disk brake bikes, unless I file some metal off.
No doubt you can buy different trailer hatches, but I have not found one yet for mine.


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But having said all of this they are great for getting the kids out in the fresh air,


Do you want to haul children, dogs or shopping ( cargo).
My trailer is flatbed style for cargo that packs flat for quick easy storage.
Attachment location and systems vary. My Freedom Carry Y frame fits to a steel bracket that you bolt to the axle. A rubbery plastic "lollipop" fixes over the bracket and can flex enough to cope with tipping but is strong and stiff enough. Other systems use metal fixings.
Two wheeled trailers are tippier than single wheel but better at carrying bigger and heavier loads.
Trailer can cause problems crossing curbs, clearing bollards, parking at many bike lockup areas.
Once you get a trailer you wonder how you ever managed without.
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