Biker pulls wheelie in London, stopped by mounted policeman


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The copper plays a blinder. Very sensible policing.


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He was exceptionally lucky, I'm sure that's a banning offence.
It's one of the classic grey areas. The offence would be careless or dangerous, the rider will often try to fight the suggestion that they weren't in control of the vehicle by the fact that doing what they were doing wouldn't have worked without them being in control. Doesn't make them any less of a nobber (although my inner 12 year old does a little dance of joy most times I see it happen, cycles too.) but it may tempt the copper to go for a warning rather than a lot of paperwork... Also, the last comment, 'get out of the square mile & don't come back' he's just hoping the Met will nick the guy later, not that I'm saying City are lazy or anything!


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From his accent the rider sound Middle-Eastern and if that's the case I sympathise with the Police because they have a massive problem with Arab yoofs tearing around London.

London is not the only city mind you, I was disturbed for three nights when I stayed in the centre of Nicosia recently by big bikes street racing up to about 3 am.


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The cop was doing fine until he said "get out of the square mile & don't come back" What is this a new sheriff in town. If the Police officer is ordering him to Leave the area then issue a section 27 notice if driving like that meets the criteria. I can't tolerate people in authority working outside their authority.
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