Bikes for a Grand (B2W)

Dave G

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We have the Bike2Work scheme running at work and I've decided to get a new bike and sell my old Giant TCR.

Now - looking at bikes up to a thousand pounds. My criteria:

* Alu frame + carbon fork (I already have a carbon framed bike)
* 105 or better groupset
* Prefer compact frame geometry.....but open to suggestion.

So - looking for inspiration and welcome your thoughts. So far, the short list is:

* Giant TCR Alliance Zero (blue + white)
* Specialized Allez Elite (the 2007 vsn had 105 g'set)
* Scott Speedster S10

Question for anyone who's done the B2W - did Halfrauds manage to get a deal on last years models? Did Halfrauds manage to get the latest models at a cheaper rate or do they just sell you at list price? The Scott and Giant above are more then £1,000 but I'm banking on being able to get last years model or for them to get some discount!

giant man

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Essex innit?
Well you have already had a Giant Dave G so you know how good they are and the Alliance Zero is a good bike by all accounts. C+ gave it a very good review a few issues ago.

The Giant would be my choice, no brainer. As for last year's model well you could try but as it's a relatively new model I wouldn't hold out too many hopes on that score.


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I got my bike through halfords b2w and unless it is a bike they officially supply, i was lead to beleive, you can't get end of season prices. Try and persuade your company to use the cyclesheme btw one instead and then you should be able to use a number of LBS.
Dave G

Dave G

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Yes, spoke to Halfords today and they said that they can only get 2008 bikes and they get them at list price.

The TCR Alliance is £1050, which is a bit of a swine.

Current favourite is Scott Speedster S20 @ £969 (S10 out of my price bracket).


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My experience of cyclescheme is that shops normally do not want to supply sale bikes because they have to pay commission (10% of the price I'm told) to cyclescheme. Cycle scheme makes their money that way and are cost neutral to your company. In addition there is the psychological (sp?) angle that you are already getting a very generous discount on the bike through the scheme so why should they give you more.

That being said I would have thought that if you were going to walk away from the shop over a £50 price drop on a £1050 bike most shops would find a way to break the £1000 barrier!
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